7 Promposals too Clever to Turn Down

April 21, 2019

Spring is here, and you know what that means - a few of you are going to have to work up the courage to ask that special someone to prom very soon! For the past few years, asking someone to prom has begun to outshine the actual night itself. The wackier the idea, the better. Some of you may be worried about asking someone to prom, but don’t panic too much. Here are 7 promposals too clever to say no to. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired enough by these ideas to impress you’re future date with the best promposal ever. Good luck and happy prom season!


 Photo: Amy Kate on Unsplash 


The best way to get a yes? Serenade him or her, and then ask in front of thousands and thousands of people on a national TV show. Enough said. It worked for this guy on America’s Got Talent. However, just a warning: the big, grand gesture sounds like a good idea, but make sure they like you beforehand. The big crowd and noise may convince them to say yes, but be careful - a rejection on that scale may be difficult to come back from.


Pizzathe only true way to anyone’s heart. Get a nice large cheese pizza, find out their favorite toppings (be it pepperoni, olives, pineapple, anchovies), and load that pizza up, writing your question on top of that beautiful melted cheese. Maybe throw a cheesy pun on top of the box, just to add that extra “oomph.” How many people do you know who can say no to a promposal by pizza? Exactly.


This is especially good if you’re asking your significant other and have access to their phone password. Surprise them with a new contact picture and change your name in their phone to your question. Then call them up and see how long it takes them to notice your new and improved contact name. They’re reaction will be priceless.

Come on, who doesn’t love a pair of new shoes and feeling like royalty? This will get your future date so excited for prom, and maybe they’ll even wear their new shoes on the big night. As long as you know their shoe size, they can’t say no if the shoe fits, can they?


Classic candy sign. Puns with candy names and a minimal amount of work. It’s witty, they get free candy, and you both get a date to prom. That’s sounds like the perfect package, to be completely honest.


Nothing like a casual 5.5 mile run to show your future date just how dedicated you are to go to prom with them… hard work, but you know they’re gonna be ridiculously impressed with your dedication. And you get a decent workout in the process, too.


Last but never least, how could I possibly pass over the classic Office Promposal? Ok, this is technically two in one, but come on, look at that ingenuity! Whether your favorite character is Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, or Creed, there is a clever way to combine a promposal with one of the best TV shows of all time. And even if they aren’t diehard fans of the show, they’re going to have to appreciate that hard work. I mean, look at that jello work of art. The Office will always get a yes.


Meghan Klemm is 20 years old and majors in English and Psychology at Stonehill College, where there is no hill of stones on campus - at least none that she knows of. Her favorite movie is a tie between Dead Poet’s Society or The Grand Budapest Hoteland she cannot start her day until she’s downed an alarmingly large cup of coffee. She steps up for catchy music, interesting books, and a positive outlook on life, even when she doesn’t have time to drink her morning coffee.


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