Small Ways You Can Help the Environment

April 22, 2019

Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated on April 22.  There are various events held worldwide to show support for protecting the environment. Although Earth Day is an important day to acknowledge and demonstrate support, you do not have to wait for Earth Day to help the environment. There are small ways you can help even today.



One of the ways you can help the environment is by recycling. You’ve heard about how important recycling is, and it is true. You can make a difference with helping the environment by recycling aluminum cans, water bottles, paper and cardboard. Doing this will prevent them from going into the oceans and hurting our marine animals.


Another way you can help the environment is by using reusable bags. Using the plastic bags that are given from the stores and supermarkets can hurt the environment. Sometimes, people do not recycle plastic paper and because of that, these plastic bags are thrown around whether in the oceans, on the ground, in trees, and so forth. Using reusable bags will prevent these plastic bags from being disposed all over the city. And these reusable bags are perfect for food, clothes, drinks, books, toys and so forth! You can use these bags as often as you like and for whichever reasons you may need.


You may not have noticed the amount of paper you print and that’s okay, but reducing this amount is beneficial and helpful for the environment. If you like to print out all of your lessons, reading material, etc., try to avoid printing all of them and view course material from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc., as much as possible. If you need absolutely need to print something out, print it on both sides of the pages. The more you print, the more companies will have to cut down trees in order to create more paper and this endangers natural habitats and our water sources.


In addition to using reusable bags, try using a reusable water bottle. You don’t have to just put water in your water bottle. If you prefer juice or soda, you’re more than welcome to do that as well. Using a reusable water bottle will prevent water bottles from being thrown in water bodies and from hurting any landfill.


Helping the environment also includes reducing the amount of water you use. So if you like taking one hour showers, try reducing that length because you’ll save water and also help the environment at the same time. Reducing the amount of water you use also involves not letting the water run when you’re brushing your teeth or when you’re washing the dishes.


Finally, another small way you can help the environment is by reducing the amount of times you use your car, and  carpooling when you can. Cars are bad for the environment, so even skipping one day of driving to walk or take the bus helps.


Whether you’re gearing up for Earth Day or you genuinely want to start helping to make a difference with the environment, these are all small ways you can help. Helping the environment is beneficial and helpful as it can help to protect the Earth. These steps can help with ensuring that we live in a healthy world and can alter the way we live. The more we protect our planet and environment, the more we can save the ecosystem, survive and live longer.


My name is Linda Tran. I'm 24 years old from Boston and I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media at the Southern New Hampshire University. A fun fact about me is that I learned coding and HTML at the age of 11.


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