Should Convicted Criminals Have the Right to Vote?

August 21, 2019

There are pros and cons to everything; especially when it comes to a topic such as this. After all, criminals are people too, and just because they have made bad decisions, does that exclude them from the rights and benefits of voting? Criminals may have a record, but that doesn’t mean those bad choices define who they are in their  entirety. This article will be mentioning some of the benefits of prisoner voting; but let’s just say the best jury is still out on this verdict.



When it comes to the pros of a criminal voting, there are a few that stick out. The first being that allowing prisoners to vote would be extremely expensive, and is it impractical or ethically unjustifiable? In addition, the fact that prisoners lose so many of their freedoms should not imply or mean that they lose all their civil rights. The next reason to allow prisoners to vote is because denying a prisoner the right to vote is more than likely violating the respect for the rule of the law. In addition, allowing prisoners to vote may strengthen their social media network ties, their social network, and therefore, their commitment to the common good. This would then create a legally responsible person who can participate in society.


Another benefit of giving a prisoner the right to vote is that it looks very good on the government to restore a felon’s rights and give them the opportunity to let them become law-abiding citizens once again. Furthermore, people should not be banned from voting because they are unable to pay different types of fines, interests, and fees. If we really want convicted felons to feel as though they are part of society again, we should allow them the right to vote, and the state should do everything they can to ensure that happens.


There are certain issues and events that happen to people in life, and they should not have an impact on whether they can vote. In addition to that, some people are not born into situations that are the best, and ultimately don’t make the best decisions because of that. People do change over time and don’t continue to keep the same bad habits or intentions that led them into being a felon in the first place. Because of the fact that a lot of people do end up changing for the good, prisoners should be given the opportunity to vote and be a part of what makes the world go around, as long as they are making a change for the better in their lives.


Sabrina Christine attended California State University East Bay and received her B.A in Liberal and minor in psychology. She’s also planning on getting her B.A in computer science this year. She currently works online teaching English to students. For fun she loves to take long walks with her English Lab, and enjoy the sunset.


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