A College Advisor Shares Their Best Tips for Students Who Can't Decide What to Major In

April 27, 2019

After speaking with several academic advisors at High Point University, several critical pieces of advice have emerged. All of this advice though hinges on the student having a specific direction in mind in one way or another. So that is where this article will begin. If you are reading this to decide what you may want to major in what is your passion? Are you trying to decide between multiple majors? Or are you trying to figure out the best major to reach your dream job? If you do not know the answer to any of these stay undecided and meet individually with your advisor until you can identify an answer to one of these questions.



If you have identified your passion, then great! Think about what majors feed into that passion. If you love to sing, have you considered a music or theatre major? If you like to read and have an enthusiasm for learning, think about a major in English or education where you can share that spirit. By identifying your passion, you allow yourself to find a path that you will enjoy traveling down when you learn what jobs and opportunities are available in that field.  It is your passion that will help you land a job down the line and ensure your future career or major is something you will enjoy.


If you are trying to decide between two majors, continue to take classes in both disciplines if possible. By taking courses in multiple fields, you allow yourself to keep progressing while not wasting time and money. You may even find that you are genuinely passionate about one but not the other. Or maybe you enjoy both enough to major in your first choice and minor in the other subject. If the two topics overlap enough, you may even be able to double major. It all depends on your goals. While bachelor's degrees typically take four years to complete, it might take more time to double major and graduate with two degrees.


If you have a dream job in mind, do not be afraid to reach out. Just scrolling through LinkedIn can be eye-opening. Try searching for people that currently hold your dream job and try to connect with them or even see what they majored in in college. If the CEO of your favorite company majored in business with minors in sales and marketing, consider looking into those programs at your school. People love to talk about themselves, and LinkedIn is the perfect place to reach out and ask people if they would be willing to speak to you about their jobs. You may find that what you thought was your dream job involves writing, but you hate writing. You have now saved yourself from the pursuit of a dream that would have disappointed you. Conversely, you may speak with someone who reignites your passion for the profession.


The old saying that “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” can be true if you let it. Finding your passion is just the first step. Talk to your advisors. Talk to your friends and don't be afraid to reach out to those in your field. Most importantly, be true to yourself. Although your parents may want you to major in a particular subject that doesn't interest you, don't be afraid to stand up and say no. After all, it is your life.


I am Morgan Dunham. I am 21 years old and currently studying History at High Point University with a minor in Psychology. When I am not working you will usually find me drinking tea and binge-watching Gilmore Girls for the eighth time.  


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