4 Online Platforms with Great Student Discounts

May 7, 2019

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Living life on a student budget is frustrating. Staying disciplined is hard when you need new clothes, shoes, headphones- or you want to go out with your friends but are low on cash. It’s also hard to find discounts and good deals unless you know where to look, because the best coupons can be really buried deep within the internet. And finding good student discounts? Even worse! Fortunately, your status as a student actually saves you some money if you know where to go. Great coupons are all over the web waiting for students to use them, and these four platforms collect tons of them in one convenient, easy to browse spot.




Probably the most well known discount site on the list, you’ve likely already heard of UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS offers amazing discounts on over 150+ brands, including H&M, Apple Music, and Lyft. You can use the coupons they offer on the web or on the official UNiDAYS app. Signing up is completely free. All you need is a verified email, and you’re good to start browsing through tons of great deals.



Student Beans

Student Beans was founded in 2005 by two brothers who were recent British university graduates, and was named after the British student staple: baked beans. The brothers wanted to create a loyalty program just for students that would enable them to save money and eat a little better, because no such program yet existed. Today, Student Beans partners with over 650+ brands to offer students tons of ways to save. You can access Student Beans’ massive database of deals and discounts on the web or on their app.



BiggerBooks is a premier online textbook vendor specializing in highly discounted books and textbooks. Their site offers savings of up to 91% over list prices by scouring prices across the web. BiggerBooks makes it easy to buy or rent your textbooks, so you can focus on what matters most: studying. They also offer rental textbooks, e-textbooks, and a place to sell your textbooks when you’re finished with them.



Save the Student

STS is another UK-based website that constantly travels for overlooked deals, discounts, and freebies for students to take advantage of. Currently, they have 290 brands on their site for students to browse through. They also offer tons of financial advice like — tips for banking, how to make money in college, a loan calculator, budgeting help, and so much more. So not only can you find a great deal, a free lunch or a sale, you can also get tips for saving and managing your finances in general. Sounds like a win-win!




Founded in 2014 by automotive industry professionals, College-Concierge was designed to serve the more than 300,000 students traveling from China to study in the United States every year. They offer their members nationwide discounts and incentives on new and used cars, a place to stay with their network of housing providers, service on cellphones with unlimited calling and texting and no monthly contract, dorm packages, discounts on essentials like hygiene products, food, and so on, coupons for driver’s ed classes, discounted plane tickets, shuttle service to and from the airport, and so much more.



Student Universe

Student Universe rounds out the list as the third UK-based website offering spectacular deals on student travel around the world — including discounted plane tickets, hotel rooms, best hostels, tour packages, and more. They offer regular sales on plane tickets to tons of locations worldwide, and a special discount for joining, all for cash-strapped students like you to get home for the holidays, live it up on spring break or simply explore the world around them. Simply type in your current location and destination on their homepage to get started!




While Dealhack is not completely geared towards students, their website made this list in an honorary spot because of their incredible (and incredibly huge) Dealhack Student Guide. This guide is constantly updated to make sure all the amazing discounts out there are making it to your hands. It compiles tons of coupons- from furniture to clothing to electronics, covering 200 stores. Find the complete guide for free on their website.


Think of these websites and others like them as tools in your back pocket to help get you through college. Tuition, books, housing —  it all adds up so fast, leaving you barely enough for anything else you might need. With a few sources of coupons and freebies for food, clothes and other things, your budget hopefully gets easier and less stressful to manage.


Lilia Taylor is 21 years old, studying English and Marketing at New Mexico State University. She hopes to have a job involving books someday, loves the smell of coffee (not so much the taste) and tries to get outside whenever she can.


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