Charities That Give 99% of Donations to Their Cause

May 26, 2019

It seems like everyday there is a new charity popping up on your social media feed. From planting trees, rebuilding communities, feeding the poor, and saving this animal or that one, they’re hard to miss. Their ads pull on your heartstrings and gets you to donate, hoping that your hard earned money is doing some good out there. Although there is always that one question that should be sitting in the back of your mind: how much of my donation is actually helping the cause? Nowadays, we are no strangers to charities that overpay their executives and make not-so-great investments with your money. So without further ado, here are 5 charities that donate at least 99% of donations to their said cause, and what each charity does! All these statistics come from Charity Navigator, a website that breaks down every charities financial expenses.


Photo: Kat Yukawa on Unsplash 


International Children’s Fund

ICF gives 99.70% of donation straight to their cause. Their mission is to help children in need all over the world, and they’ve been doing this since 1978. They give children clothes, food, housing, medicine and tons more. Donate here.


The Foodbank of Southern California

SoCal’s Foodbank uses 99.60% of donations straight to stock their shelves of food for the hungry. According to their website, “Each week 68 out of every 100 people served are children, and 19 out of every 100 are seniors.” You can donate to their cause here.


Kids In Need Foundation

KINF uses 99.30% of their proceeds to give kids and teachers the tools to be successful in the classroom. They help send kids to school with backpacks full of helpful tools, and fill teachers’ classrooms with the necessities to help kids get a better education. Donations can be made here.


Direct Relief

DR is active in all 50 states and 80 countries, using 99.40% of their donations to improve the health and lives of at-risk people and communities. They give medicine to prevent and treat of diseases, and to be ready for disasters. Donations can be made here.


World Medical Relief

Using 99.20% of their proceeds, World Medical Relief does exactly as the name says. They use surplus medical supplies and distribute them where they are needed most, anywhere in the world. Their mission is to relieve human suffering by cooperating with communities to provide helpful services. You can donate to them here.


Every one of these charities provide their services regardless of age, race, gender, orientation, religion, nationality, or political beliefs. Put your mind at ease when donating to these great causes, knowing that your money is going far and helping provide amazing deeds to those in need. Even if you are unable to donate, sharing these organizations with friends and family will help get the word out about all the services that can receive their money . These are just 5 of a long list of charities that use well over 90% of the donations given to them for good. Donate today, and help your dollar go the extra mile.


Katelyn Dickens is a 20 year old student at Lake Michigan College, majoring in English Writing with the hopes of publishing her own poetry book one day. She loves to watch Doctor Who and can’t start her day without a hot cup of coffee and snuggles from her two pets, Vincent and Maverick. Katelyn is a huge advocate for marine conservation and is an Ambassador for SandCloud who donate a portion of their profits to help their mission of saving marine life.


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