The App That Helps You Stay Active While Earning Extra Cash

June 15, 2019

We are in a time in society where there are many people who want to become healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. Many people are getting out and exercising and eating healthier, but there are still many people who lose their motivation to stay active because they are not seeing the results that they want or their everyday lives are keeping them busy. There are many people in the U.S. who are becoming obese and developing serious health problems. While not being active, people are developing health problems at a quick rate, but it is important to stay active as it will make one feel better, look better, and will lower the risk of diseases that comes with not exercising. An app that helps people stay active with the potential to earn a little extra money is an app called Stepbet.


Photo: Gilles Lambert on Unsplash 


Stepbet is a fitness app game that helps motivates people to become more active each day for six weeks. Stepbet will ask the person to connect their step tracker to the app and the app will set up a personalized goal for you to maintain each day. Most step trackers that seem to work well with the app is Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, and Samsung Health. One thing to note, though, is that if one doesn’t have any one of these step trackers, they may not be able to join in on a Stepbet game until they have downloaded a step tracker and used the tracker for a few weeks.  


Once they have connected their step tracker, they have to pay $40 because that is their bet to join the game, and then for the next six weeks, they have to make their goals. Each game will show how many people are playing the game and how much money is in the pool that will be distributed evenly among the remaining players at the end, after Stepbet has taken 15% of the for transaction fees, game hosts, and support and server costs.

Players will have four active days, two power days, and one free day for each of the six weeks that the game will go on for. They have to be active and meet their goals six out of seven days a week. Their four active day goals will be a certain number of steps that are the minimum while their two power days are around two thousand more steps than their active goals. If they miss more than one day, they are eliminated from the game, and they lose the money they placed as a bet.   


A great motivator for people is money and the risk of losing it. People never want to lose out on their money, and they will do everything they can to earn some extra profit. That’s why Stepbet is a great concept for people who struggle to stay active. It’s important for people to understand why we need to stay active and exercise. Stepbet is not a “get rich quick” but rather a concept of getting out and staying healthy and be rewarded for the hard work.  


Destany Bogue is a 22-year-old college graduate from Suny Buffalo State in Buffalo, New York with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She loves all of theHarry Potter movies and books. She loves to be creative in everything she does and hopes to have a successful career in New York City in the near future.  


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