Four Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

July 1, 2019

On July 4th, 1776 America was marked as a newly independent nation. Now, every year all across America people celebrate the fourth of July in different ways. Grab your friends and figure out what is at the top of your list for this year. Here is your go-to guide for four different ways to celebrate the fourth!


Photo: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash 


Volunteer to help your community

Helping one another is a great way to help improve the community you live in. With plenty of options to choose from you can find what means the most to you. Help out at your local homeless shelter, volunteer at animal rescue center, or even plant trees at the community park. If you can’t find an organization you love you can start your own. Make blankets to donate, write and send letters to troops overseas, or volunteer to read to kids at the local library. The possibilities are endless; use your imagination and help improve your community.



The best photos are taken in the summertime. Find your best red, white, and blue outfit and take pictures to post on Instagram. Make it fun outing with your friends. You can buy props at a Dollar Store and make a day out of it. With feather boas, glow sticks and fireworks your pictures are sure to make a mark on everyone’s feed.


Bake apple pie

Nothing shows American pride quite like an apple pie. Gather up your family and get baking. Make it fun and create patriotic designs for the crust. You can turn a pie into the American flag or just simply layer stars all around the top. Bring it to a block party or a cookout and share your baked creation with everyone to enjoy. Whatever you choose it’ll for sure be a yummy way to spend the day.


Read up on all current events and laws

Stay informed on everything happening in America and other countries to better understand what is going on  around you. Look at several news outlets and be careful to avoid bias and lies. Once you come up with your own informed opinion, you’ll be all set to vote and make your own mark. If something seems unfair or just plain wrong to you there are plenty of things you can do to change it. Petition, peacefully protest, and call your lawmakers. You can help your community and improve things for your fellow people.


Whether you choose to bake, take pictures, or help start a change in your community, be sure to spend time with those who matter most to you. Take this day to celebrate where you live and contribute to your community. Happy fourth of July!


Katelyn LaScola is 19 years old and attends James Madison University. She is double majoring in Writing, rhetoric and technical communication as well as media arts and design. Between running her own blog and studying constantly she makes time for her friends and family as much as possible. She likes to stay busy and will not be seen without her planner in hand. She hopes to help end the stigma around mental health and encourage others to become leaders wherever they may be.


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