Pottery On The Run

July 3, 2019

Photo: Oshin Khandelwal on Unsplash 


I sat down with Marilyse Reda in the small office that we shared at our day job, but this wasn’t to discuss the ins and outs of the health field. This was to talk about her other work and love doing mobile pottery.


Her business is called ‘Pottery On The Run’. An appropriate name for a company that will travel to you and set up her pottery shop wherever you need. She began the business to help people with special needs have a creative outlet. In order for the business to grow, however, she expanded it to all people who wished to make pottery.


The molds and the pots, mugs, and vases that you can choose to work on are handcrafted by Marilyse herself. She is able to be creative while inspiring others to be their creative selves. She herself has always been inspired to work with clay. “I always been in awe about clay as an art form. Art is very therapeutic for me. I love creating. It is a self-endeavor, but I also wanted to inspire it onto others,” Marilyse tells me as she scrolls through her Facebook for her business, showing me the different things she and her customers created.


She tells me that she wants her company to grow. I asked her how she planned to do this.  The first thing she told me was to be affirmative. When I asked her to expand on that note, she told me that she would be reaching out to work with other companies, families, and events. She even wants to expand into giving lessons, and be overall more proactive with her business.


When we got down to it and to the heart of things about what set her back, she told me a big thing that held her back was her insecurities: “You got to be the type of person that hears ‘no.’” As she uses other business to promote her product there comes the raw truth that sometimes they don’t want to use her services.


Marilyse finally pushed all thoughts of being told ‘no’ behind her and began to strike out into the world again! She began to make mugs for coworkers, and make new molds which she showed me in a video as we talked. It was really inspiring listening to her talk about Pottery On The Run. Her Facebook for the company made my heart turn to mush as I got to see people of all ages falling in love with art. It was truly a magical moment to behold. From her home to yours Marilyse will light up your party or event with laughs paint, and clay!


Join in in supporting this local Florida artist in the heart of Orlando!


The world is an open road to explore. Emily Vincent’s goal is to explore the world, and find all the hidden treasures in it. She has traveled through the east coast, being places like Washington DC, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Delaware, and New Jersey to name a few. Her goal is to travel out west next. Art and music is one of the many treasures Ms. Vincent likes to touch on. She has written articles about local music, family history, and covered concerts. Emily Vincent is attending Rollins College. She has future plans to be a travel writer after she graduates. Right now she is bringing local travel stories from near and far. She will never stop going.


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