Sportswear Brands That Won't Break the Bank

July 12, 2019

Photo: Floriane Vita on Unsplash 


For many people,  hobbies and everyday  activities are the best way to forgetlife’s stresses, and add a bit of fulfillment to their lives. Popular hobbies include  going to the gym or taking up a sport. It can become a lifestyle, and a rewarding one at that. But if you’re going to pursue a life centered around fitness, you’ll need the most comfortable sportswear that money can buy. ou’ll want to make sure that the sportswear brands you choose don’t break the bank. These brands fit the bill! (pun intended) 


Reebok has always been a popular household name when it comes to workout gear. And with good reason. With their whole line of colorful apparel costing just under $100, Reebok has always had a knack for keeping up with trends for all things sports and workouts. From their Crossfit Line sneakers to their Les Mills leggings, tights, and capris, they’ve got both you and your money covered. 


Old Navy, another popular name among shoppers on a budget, their line of active and sportswear will have anybody excited to be on the move! With their selection of $8 tank tops,  colorful $15 capri tops, and entire line of GoDry tank tops all costing under $100, you can’t go wrong. In fact, you can stay on the go as long as you like. 


When it comes to sports bras, Jockey’s got you covered (literally). With all of their bras ranging from $10 to $35, their comfortability will make self-consciousness a thing of the past. Complete with removable foam cups, extra coverage, and shape, you can let the bra take care of your look so you can focus on your workout. 


Just like there an app for pretty much everything, Athleta has apparel for every activity that you may pursue. Whether it’s swimming, yoga, hiking, running, you can find colorful, affordable and innovative designs  for under $100 to fit your workout needs. These designs include Powervita, Powerlift, Featherweight Stretch, Nirvana, and Seamless Design. 


You know that age old saying  that you shouldn't wear yoga pants out in public? Well, Marika shatters that stigma to pieces with their line of $50 pants that you can wear pretty much anywhere, even on a simple milk run! Not only do their clothes give off style and comfort, but equally important, they offer shape enhancing pieces like tummy control skorts and capri pants that give you the confidence you need before, during, and after a workout. Even their Lexis Hottie Shorts are a steal, going for under $20! 


For plus size women who want something that’ll give them a good workout without leaving them too sweaty, JunoActive is the must-have brand of sportswear. All of their apparel, from leggings, tank tops, and t shirts, are made with SoftWik fabric that serves to evaporate sweat and give more room to breathe. Even their line of swimwear offers a tailored fit for curves complete with chlorine resistant fabric. Depending on the piece and fabric you choose, prices range from $40 to $60. 


No matter what you decide to do in life, you should always make sure you have the right tools for the job, and sportswear is no different. So long as it doesn’t break the bank, you deserve nothing but the best for what you want to do, especially for something as life changing and physically exerting as fitness.  These brands are exactly what you need to make that change. 


Briyahna Rice is a 20 year old college student studying Mass Communication at Five Towns College. Her favorite movie is Black Panther and in five years, you can find her publishing her first book. This will be a horror novel about human monsters. She steps up for a world where people can live their own dreams, not someone else’s.

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