How to Successfully Get a Summer Internship

July 16, 2019

Once you become a Junior in college, everyone around you starts asking you when you’re going to get a summer internship. The task of getting a decent internship can be daunting at first, but once you learn how to navigate the networking world, it is a lot less stressful. Here’s some tips that may help you get a connection with a quality, reliable company:


1) Utilize Websites Designed to Help You 

There are many websites that exist today that are designed to specifically help people find quality jobs. These jobs can find full-time work, part-time jobs, and even seasonal internships. Sign up with multiple websites and give them information as to what type of internship you’re searching for. Also, be sure to get email notifications, so then you can be alerted of internship opportunities throughout the day. 


Photo by Andrew Neel  


2) Use Keywords for Job Searches 

Finding the right internship for you can be complicated, especially when you aren’t really sure what you’re looking out for. First, maybe try doing a general search on a website. If you’re interested in an internship involving design, try searching for a “design internship”. After you get a general idea of the jobs available, pick out some more specific keywords. Going with the same example, you may search with keywords such as design, digital, magazine, and summer. Keywords will help you to find exactly what you want. 


3) When Interviewed, Keep Answers Clear and Exact 

Whether your interview with a company is over the phone or in-person, always be sure to keep your answers to questions to-the-point and clear. Interviewers want to determine if you’re qualified for their internship position and how you would fit into their company, so provide them answers that are exact to their questions. If you are asked to explain prior experiences that qualify you for a position, always have a concrete example on hand. 


4) During Interviews, Don’t be Scared of Silence

Thinking words like um and like are fine when used in everyday conversation, but in a professional setting/scenario, try to avoid them as best you can. Although you should always have answers ready for general questions, silence is not a bad thing. Interviewers would rather have you think an answer through thoroughly before you speak instead of fumbling and muttering as you think. Overall, always be clear and concise during interviews. 


Photo by Sebastian Herrmann 


After going through this process with one opportunity, do the same with others. It’s generally a good idea to apply to multiple jobs at once. If you get denied an opportunity by one company, go find another opening elsewhere. Continue this internship-search process until you get an offer you’re happy with, then take it. If you keep these ideas in mind when searching for that summer internship, you’ll be very successful. 


Aarron Sholar is an undergraduate Junior who is pursuing a major in creative writing and a minor in business writing. He plans to continue writing as a future career or pursuing graduate school after graduating from Salisbury University.

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