In Person or App Based Grocery Shopping: What’s Your Preference?

July 24, 2019

Photo: nrd on Unsplash 


If there’s one thing a lot of us can agree on it’s this: grocery shopping is not the most fun thing in the world. Whether you’re fresh out of college, just moving into a new apartment, or familiar with a routine, buying food and other necessities we need to get by always seems to be last on our to-do list. But with a new wave of technology and apps, buying groceries can be as simple as a click on your phone. So, what’s your preference: app-based or in-store grocery shopping?


When it comes to app-based grocery shopping, here are a few reasons why it’s a good choice:


Managing a busy schedule

When you’re just getting home from your nine to five job and find that the cupboard is bare, it’s frustrating. Going to the store could take too long, and remembering everything you need is a nightmare. But then you remember how easy it is to just go online and find what you need from the store that way. Shopping from your phone means everything you need is easily found and you don’t need to worry about going around in circles since it will be set to pick up once you get there. By the time you get to the store all you have to worry about it parking and waiting for it to come out and be put in your trunk. Then you’re on your way!


Helping to ease anxiety

As someone who deals with social anxiety, being around lots of people can be overwhelming. Mix in having to navigate through them to get what food you need and it speeds up your nerves even more. Some people find comfort in knowing they don’t have to worry about talking to others. It’s a great way to get people who aren’t keen for going into a store to feel okay knowing they can still get everything they need and not have to worry about the added anxieties of waiting in line, asking for something at the deli, or worrying about what’s around the corner when they move their cart.


With in-store grocery shopping, there are benefits as well:


Interacting with employees

As someone who works in retail and has worked in a grocery store, having people physically coming into the store to buy food helps us keep our jobs. If more people were to go the online route, we would only benefit by bringing out their groceries to them and get some of our jobs taken away in the store. There would no longer be any need for cashiers or other departments in the store since no one would be coming in to shop.


Guaranteeing freshness

When you’re shopping in-store, you’re able to pick out the food you want and determine whether it’s fresh or not for you. By having someone pick out the food for you, the only thing they’re worried about most of the time is making sure the order is complete in the appropriate time. Most of the reason why people prefer to shop in the store rather than online is that they have the ability to pick out what they want and not have to worry about something going rotten or expiring right away.


So, the next time you want to get groceries, consider which option really is the better one for you.


Kirstie Devine is 24 years old and is working towards her MFA in creative writing at Western New England University. She is most likely writing, reading a book, at a concert, laughing, petting a dog, or eating french fries. She hopes one day to write a book and have it be in the library in her town.

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