TV Shows that Are Past Their Prime

August 12, 2019

Television shows have an awful tendency to stay on way too long. It makes sense. It is way easier to watch the same show you’ve been watching, even if the quality is not there anymore. I get it, investing in a new show is tough, but some shows should have quit quite a while back, and this is a list of a few that stand out to me. 


Photo: Franck V. on Unsplash 


Family Guy


I liked Family Guy. I know many people did not have but I was a fan. Personally, I think American Dad is a much better show! But Family Guy was a funny comedy that’s in the league ofSouth Park and The Simpsons in terms of airtime. Unfortunately, in the more recent seasons the show has lost what once made it fun. They always pushed boundaries and made social and political commentary, but the more recent seasons just felt like Seth McFarlane complaining through his characters. They feel low effort and they are no longer fun to watch. On the other hand, American Dad keeps getting funnier as they have taken the exact opposite approach and have gotten more absurd. 




This is just too obvious. The Winchester brothers have vanquished every creature, from a simple werewolf to Satan himself, and along the way showed a bond that captivated audiences. The show was fun and original and it ran for 12 seasons. As I watched the show, I figured the scene where God and his sister make up and ride off into the sunset after a grueling battle with two humans and Lucifer was going to be a decent end. I said to myself, “That was a little much, but at least it’s over.” There have been three seasons since then. I tried watching one of them, but the show is so far past its prime it completely lost my viewership. Unfortunately, they fell victim to the ‘bigger’ problem. This is when shows, especially ones that involve villains, have to go bigger every season. At some point you reach a peak where it is no longer fun. The show has begun to remind me of an Interdimensional cable skit. 


Walking Dead 


I never liked the Walking Dead. I tried so many times, but I could never get into it. I constantly heard about the show from friends and I kept up sometimes by reading plot synopsis. The show should have ended years ago. 




Everyone loves the Rock. How could you not? He’s funny and his outrageous size and wrestling past make him as entertaining as anyone else out right now. That being said, even the Rock’s famous charm could not keep this show going. It’s about to enter its fifth season, and I’m astonished it got there. The show was at first a fun, sometimes funny sports show that could live off star power and people’s passion for football. Now, it’s a train wreck. Theybrought Russel Brand aboard a season ago to try and mix things up. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  The star has lost his glimmer, as has this HBO atrocity.




When it debuted, Arrow was a cool and fresh rebrand from CW. It was a dark superhero show about the Green Arrow, who hadn’t received much attention since DC took the backseat to Marvel in terms of commercial success. It was a little dramatic, but it was CW and it was fun. The writing took a realistic approach and lacked the outlandish extravagance we’ve seen in films like the Avengers. That all went away. What was once a story about a rich castaway returning to fight for justice became a crazy web of multiple heroes fighting in some world government plot that involves supernatural ninja warriors and other CW crossovers. In this case, they should have gone for simplicity.  The show is coming to an end after the next season, so it seems they have run their course as well.


Tripper is a Journalism major at Emerson College where he works on student publications and plays on the baseball team. He is from Connecticut and before going to Emerson was an Engineering student in Pittsburgh. 


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