5 Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands

August 17, 2019

Photo: Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash 


‘Ethics and Sustainability’ are two words that are big in the world of fashion right now. Consumers are waking up to the horrors of the cheap clothing and are increasingly concerned with the ethics behind the labor and its environmental impact. 


Ethics and sustainability can be defined in multiple ways. The main keys are making sure that throughout the entire process,from the sourcing of materials to production and distribution, the clothes are made with mindfulness towards ecological integrity and social justice. 


Here is a list of a few brands that aim to exemplify sustainable, ethical clothing:


Good News Sneakers


This shoe company prides themselves on sustainability. They make sneakers in a similar style to Converse or Vans, but their rubber soles are thicker than the aforementioned brands. They use a classic template to make a bold new design, with basic coloring to match trends of simplicity. The company’s website and online store contains their mission statement on sustainability: “Our aim is simple; To create a platform we can use to promote a healthy planet. Giving back, one step at a time!” They boast a recycled rubber sole, organic materials, and recycled instep. They also promise environmentally and socially progressive products, minimized production, fair trade, and donation of leftover products. 


Boyish Jeans


Boyish Jeans is a line of women’s denim. Like Good News Sneakers, this company focuses on vintage styles with a modern twist. They sell designs for all the current trends with a devotion to quality and authentic fabrics. The company was founded by the former denim director of Reformation, one of the original pioneers in sustainable fashion. 


People Tree


People Tree has been around since 1991.  On their website, they call themselves an early pioneer of sustainable fashion. They ensure positive working conditions, fair trade, just wages, and gender equality. 




This company, centered around ethically made Egyptian cotton, was founded about five years ago. They promise the highest quality cotton made in an ethical and sustainable fashion. They send the cotton directly to their factory in Alexandria where they produce the clothing and they promise their employees  fair labor and compensation. The work directly with family farmers in what they call the farm-to-table of clothes. 




This company is the designer luxury brand of this list. It is high fashion, in the sense that it sells bold looks and high price tags. But, like the others, this company promises to source all the materials with environment and labor concerns in mind. They also practice full transparency on the products as many other sustainable fashion brands do. 


There are tons of other clothing lines that are considered sustainable fashion. he trend is sweeping the fashion world to the benefit of the environment.. So next time you’re shopping for clothes, keep sustainability in mind. 


Tripper is a Journalism major at Emerson College where he works on student publications and plays on the baseball team. He is from Connecticut and before going to Emerson was an Engineering student in Pittsburgh. 



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