Always Tired? Hidden Causes for Your Fatigue

August 29, 2019

Photo: Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash 


You wake up after what you thought was a decent night’s sleep feeling tired yet again and confused as to why. The reality of it is that you are not the only person going through life feeling less than energized each day. Many people are feeling like this but choose to ignore it. We all lead such busy lives that we tend to chalk it up to doing too much. We don’t take the time to really investigate the reason as to why we are feeling so sluggish when the solution may be simpler than what we had expected.


While feeling tired may be a result of lack of sleep, sometimes it can actually be the other way around. We can be tempted to make up for missing out on several hours of sleep by sleeping overtime the next day. While this may seem like a logical solution, studies show that this can actually cause you to feel even more tired. You are better off getting the recommended hours of sleep suggested for your age range at night instead of during the day time. Maintaining a balanced sleep schedule is key.


If it seems like fatigue is becoming more of a pattern in your life and most days just drag through, getting more activity in may do you some good. Working out yields a lot of benefits for your body including releasing endorphins that make you happy, boosting your energy, and promoting better sleep. Think about the last time you worked out and how good you felt afterwards.  Take the time to incorporate regular physical activity into your life and get enough hours of sleep at night. It’s a commitment that requires some work in the beginning that will definitely pay off in the long run. 


Another important tip that goes hand in hand with working out is eating healthy. This can be hard but think about how you want to treat your body. If your diet consists of tons of sugar, processed foods and not a lot of water intake, your body won’t be too happy. A well oiled machine needs all of the right components to keep it running smoothly. The same goes for your body. You should feed it things that’ll keep it energized because too much junk food will cause you to lag after a while.


Focusing on your mental health is just as important as tackling all of your physical issues. Mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety tend to leave those who suffer from it simply exhausted. Doing everyday tasks feels impossible because you’re just too tired and unmotivated to do them. This is why it’s important to evaluate what you’re going through and feeling. Seek professional help to either rule out any mental health issues or to get properly diagnosed and on the right path to treating your disorder. Getting this squared away can have you feeling a lot better if not completely. 


The possibilities are endless when trying to figure out why you may be feeling sluggish at times. These several tips tend to be the biggest culprits when it comes to getting to the root of the problem. Start your search here but remember that you ultimately know your body best.


Jaimy aspires to be a relative voice to other young adults like her. As a Haitian-American first-generation college graduate, she knows that the complicated journey she's been on to get to where she's at now is the same story for many others. She challenges the status quo by going after what she truly believes in which is having the opportunity to be creative while unapologetically pursuing your passion and not conforming to what everyone else deems is right for you. Jaimy loves to read, stay active, and spend time with the people she loves.

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