Jobs You Didn’t Think to Get Right Out of College

September 2, 2019

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Getting a job after graduation can be tough, especially if you want to find a job in your field. Internships are great and all, but let’s face it; if you can only have one job at a time, we want one that pays. However, there are well-paying and simple jobs that fresh graduates have easy access to, and maybe you’ve never even thought about them. 



According to Debut, marketing only requires “effective communication,” which most college students learn throughout undergrad. Furthermore, Debut writes that “being successful in this industry is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with unique ideas, so it’s often better to come from a non-marketing background.”  


Start businesses

Startup businesses are often looking for people to fill all kinds of roles. Graduates from all kinds of majors can help fulfill these roles, and since college graduates are young, strong-willed, and willing to have new experiences, many new businesses may be willing to take advantage of that. 


Administrative and front desk jobs

As much as we love friendly receptionists, we can admit that being one doesn’t take many skills. Students today have a lot of experiences with software and computers, given how technology-centric this time is. Being a receptionist, most of the time, requires a friendly demeanor and computer skills, so graduates should definitely search for some. 



Comptia reports that “about one-quarter (26 percent) of IT workers in the United States do not hold a bachelor’s degree or higher… [and] around two-thirds (69 percent) of CompTIA certification candidates do not hold a four-year college degree.”  Furthermore, the website tells readers that “the skills you already have could help you get into IT.” Many IT jobs require a general knowledge of technology, which again, many modern graduates have plenty of. Additionally, many IT jobs require teamwork and finding out problems, not necessarily knowing how to solve them right away. Lastly, Comptia reassures graduates that “communication, creativity, problem-solving and attention-to-detail – all skills you may already have – give you an edge if you’re switching careers into IT.”


Graduates feel an immense pressure after graduating to find a top quality job in their field, but sometimes you need to take time to climb the ladder by starting small and working your way to that perfect job-- any job is better than no job. Jobs that don’t have strict requirements can come in handy for new graduates trying to make it in the adult world. 


Aarron Sholar is an undergraduate Junior who is pursuing a major in creative writing and a minor in business writing. He plans to continue writing as a future career or pursuing graduate school after graduating from Salisbury University. 


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