Love is in the Air

October 4, 2019

“Love is all that I can give to you. Love is more than just a game for two. Two in love can make it. Take my heart and please don't break it. Love was made for me and you” -Frank Sinatra. Love is in the air, and it is not even Valentine’s Day. For to love someone, one does not merely love them on one particular day-but rather every single day of the year. In addition, to love someone does not necessarily mean that they are your significant other. This includes, family, friends even strangers. The more love that is spread around, the more love people will receive back. Love is above all hate. Love is above all disagreements and misunderstandings. As Carrie Underwood writes, “In the end, love wins.” If a young adult desires to love someone, but feels as though they do not have someone in their life who deserves their love- what should they do? The answer to this seemingly upsetting question is to love everyone- even those that we do not know. We are all human beings, doing the best that we can on this place that we dwell in called Earth.



A few years ago, I was having dinner at my family friend’s house with my family. This was right before the 2016 election. It seemed as though so many people on social media were attacking one another for dissimilar reasons. I took to social media in a different pursuit. I started writing quotes to try to bring everyone together again. So, approximately once a week, I would post a quote on Facebook that I had written. I got amazing feedback. Some people even said that they were writing them down! I was writing quotes not because I wanted to create a disagreement with somebody about a candidate- but rather to bring people together. Anyways, when I was having dinner with my family friends the mother (who is a successful banker) said to everyone at the table something along the lines of, I was told that we should love everyone. Not merely our family and friends. But strangers as well. What my family friend said that night truly resonated with me. At first, I was perplexed as many individuals would be. Why should we love people we do not know? The answer is simple. The more love that is spread around, the less hate there will be. And it will be a safer, better more loving place for all.


Therefore, when I say that love is in the air is it truthfully? Or, is it just my persona of loving everyone because that is what my family friend told me to do? Well, it is a combination of both. There always is love in the air when we love others. It is our mindset that plays tricks on us that says that we should not love strangers. When, evidentially, loving a stranger only helps the individual who is spreading the love- and furthermore is not hurting anybody. The next question a human being may ask is, does Arielle love strangers? The answer to this question is that I treat strangers the way I would hope that the next generation of young adults would treat each other. I have an aspiration that the next generation of young adults would treat strangers with respect, dignity and the kindness that each and every person deserves.


Now that I have answered the questions that could come to mind when reading this article, I have a statement to share with you all. From experience, I have learned that it is all about our mindset. If an individual has a positive, loving mindset- then that is what they will attract in their lives (positive, loving people). If a person has a negative, loathing mindset then they will attract those kinds of people. Therefore, the choice is in your brain. Will you allow it to be negative, or positive? Only YOU can make that decision.


Arielle Joselson is a student at Purchase College, State University of New York. Arielle’s major is Communications with a minor in Psychology. She loves reading, writing, animals and stepping up! Arielle is so excited to be a part of the Step Up team. 

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