Creating a Healthy Fitness Routine

October 5, 2019

Exercise is an imperative component to living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. It is known that it can be difficult for college students to keep up with their exercise. I for one, have made exercise a priority because I know how helpful it is to living a thriving life. However, there must be a balance between exercising too much, and not exercising at all. I have experienced both of the two. A couple of years ago, as a Freshman, I got very much into fitness and eating healthy. However, I may have overdone it. I was going to the gym almost every day at my school campus (except the weekends). I thought that I was doing the correct activity by exercising- when in doubt, I was actually overdoing it. When I came home from school Freshman year, my parents could not believe how fit I was. “Your legs feel like rocks” my dad told me.


 Photo: Nathalie Désirée Mottet on Unsplash


Even though I overdid exercising during my Freshman year, I now have a healthy relationship with fitness. I exercise before I do homework, when I am stressed out, or just simply for pleasure. Since Freshman year, I transferred schools and now commute to school. It is a much less anxiety provoking environment. The school that I was at Freshman year felt very competitive and rigorous- and I am not a competitive person. The school that I am at now is one that is low key, down to earth and furthermore a wonderful school. It has such a diverse group of students and is so open to so many different religions, ethnicities, sexualities etc. All of the professors that I have had at my new school have been terrific.


In terms of exercising, I now exercise indoors as well as outdoors. However, when I was away at school I was mainly exercising indoors at the school gym. “There is a study that looks at the psychological effects of exercise. There are one-hundred and twelve introductory psychology students (47 male and 65 female) that were assigned randomly to doing dissimilar exercise tasks. For example, walking on a laboratory treadmill combined with a virtual reality video presentation of the same college campus walk, taking a speedy outdoor walk around a college campus, or looking at the virtual reality walk without participating in any actual exercise. Several standardized mood and enjoyment measures were regulated immediately before and after the experimental conditions. Results suggest that greater energy was experienced while walking outside whereas less energy was reported when viewing the virtual reality walk with no actual exercise” (Psychological benefits of exercise paired with virtual reality: Outdoor exercise energizes whereas indoor virtual exercise relaxes).


As the study states that students energy increased by exercise as opposed to not exercising at all- I agree that exercising gives a human being more energy. Exercise moves the endorphins in an individual’s brain and makes them feel better psychologically.


There was a time when I did not exercise at all and I felt tired and had less energy to do different activities. Exercise, especially when paired with eating healthy, is an incredible combination for everyone- not only college students. What we put in our bodies as nutrition truly does affect how we act. If an individual is constantly feeding themselves with junk food such as (chips, cookies, etc.) then they are likely to not feel well day to day and furthermore may not be up for the task of exercising.


Exercising and eating healthy is a lifestyle choice that each individual needs to make on their own. I made the decision that I am going to be eating healthy (sweets in moderation) and exercising in restraint. Everything in moderation. As long as a person does not over-do exercising or healthy eating, then they will be fine and on the track for success.


Arielle Joselson is a student at Purchase College, State University of New York. Arielle’s major is Communications with a minor in Psychology. She loves reading, writing, animals and stepping up! Arielle is so excited to be a part of the Step Up team. 

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