cariPRO Product Review

October 9, 2019

After deciding to switch from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush brand on the advice of a friend, I assumed the most expensive would be the best, and I invested a small fortune in a product that was difficult to use, somewhat abrasive, and from what I could tell, about as effective as the manual kind. I was beyond relieved when I came across cariPRO. I was surprised to learn the brand was moderately priced, and was shocked at the ease, comfort, and effectiveness of this amazing toothbrush. It’s firmly built, is waterproof, and the toothbrush heads are simple to replace.



The settings are easy to use (that’s right, there are settings! Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care, Sensitive). The pulsing feature lets you know when it’s time to move on to another area, and also gives you confidence you are brushing your teeth at every angle. When the plaque on my back teeth disappeared, I became convinced that I'd made one of my best hygiene decisions ever. Another happy surprise was the battery, which when fully charged, lasts for 30 days. And my final surprise? That brushing my teeth could actually be an enjoyable experience!


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