Step Up Network

We offer a space for young adults to network and make meaningful
connections with like-minded peers from around the country. 
We believe that you should not be limited to only connecting with students at your school or your inner-circle. Today you are peers, but in the
future, you will be each other's co-workers, co-founders, bosses, and
employees. The goal is to start making connections today that will
benefit you tomorrow.


Entering adulthood is HARD and having a support system is everything. Our network offers support during the rollercoaster ride of young adulthood.


We invite industry leaders, mentors, founders, and activists to enter
our group and do virtual Q&As with our members.
Not only will you be
able to use this group as a way to network, but members can also
converse with established individuals from the fields they are most
interested in.

Networking is hard. We make it easier