Step up to put more women in positions of power

10 steps provided by Superwoman Project

Step up to put more women in positions of power

10 steps provided by Superwoman Project

Here are 10 actionable steps you can take TODAY to put more women in positions of power. These steps come from The Superwoman Way, an actionable guide to getting empowered, leading others and making a difference in the world. We believe that the very first step to giving women equal voice, equal pay, equal opportunity and equal power starts with the self. If this mission matters to you, start by doing the work on yourself first and then go change the world! 

Get Safe 

When you are personally under threat or harm, get to higher ground. Get safe physically, spiritually and emotionally so that you feel more empowered to take personal responsibility for things that matter to you. 

Get Connected 

Connect to your body, emotions and higher self so that you have a greater sense of power to act responsibly in the world. 

Get Creative

 Visualize your highest and best future self so that you know what you're working towards. 

Get Clear

Clear out any limiting beliefs or negative stories that are standing in your way from doing what matters most to you.

Get Going

Proceed as if success is inevitable. Act as if what you want is possible and you will eventually succeed. 

Get Feedback

Have a curious mind and an open heart to act, learn and grow. 

Continually Improve

Learn from your mistakes, take small steps in the right direction and improve yourself over time. 

Support Women Owned Businesses

Put your money where your mouth is, buy female made products. . 

Vote for Women

Vote, vote vote! For women, period. 

Be Generous to Women

Share your knowledge, resources, and connections with other women. Be generous to mentor and help the women around you where you are able.