Step up to empowering survivors of sex trafficking

10 steps provided by Two Wings


There are somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 children sold for sex in the United States each year. That number can seem overwhelming, but the reality is that if everyone did something, we could eventually move the needle towards eradicating Sex Trafficking in our lifetime. But what is that “something” that you can do? Well, if you are looking for a way to make an impact, we have some tangible steps to get you started.

This is the first step in your efforts to understanding how to best support survivors of sex trafficking. Passion and empathy can fuel your desire to want to help survivors, but until you become educated on the issue you won’t have an understanding of whom you are trying to empower.

Self-Inventory for SkillsTake some time to conduct a self-inventory on your skills and talents.

It’s important to know what unique skill you bring to the conversation. Are you a good writer? Knowledgeable about SEO or Social Media? Small non-profits could use grant writers or social media volunteers. Do you love kids? Survivors with children often need childcare while they attend classes or search for a job.  Everyone brings something unique to solving this issue, know what your secret power is!

Raise Awareness (fundraising)

Do you love to throw parties? Add some information about the non-profit you are passionate about and this becomes a great way to help raise funds for programs serving survivors of sex trafficking. Have you ever considered donating your birthday for a cause? This is an easy way to support your favorite non-profit.

Get Involved Locally
There are many ways you can get involved with your local non-profits. Find an area of passion within the sex trafficking issue and then seek out a correlating non-profit that works in that sphere. They will be happy to get you plugged in!

Spread the Word (tell your friends)
The only way we can educate everyone around us on the issue is by educating our friends and family first. Share with them your newfound knowledge and how they too can play an important role in supporting survivors of sex trafficking.

Get Active in Community Forums
Do you have a passion to use your voice to create change? Speaking to legislators and locally elected officials creates a need for the issue to be on the front lines of conversations.

Be a Safe Friend (non-judgmental)
When survivors of trafficking are starting over they need new friends who are safe and will not judge them for their past. As a friend you have the opportunity to help create a safe community for your new “friend” to thrive in.

Become a Conscious Consumer
Did you know that the clothes you wear, the food you eat and the coffee you drink can help support companies choosing to maintain ethical employee practices? Check out this link to find Fair Trade brands committed to fighting human trafficking:

This is just a start. Remember, even the smallest of actions – when joined together with the actions of others – can make a huge impact on this nationwide issue.